Bravo to FASNY Latin Students! 

Recently, Latin students from grades 8 to 12, all took part in the National Latin Exam 2025. Sponsored by the American Classical League (founded in 1919) and the Junior Classical League (founded in 1936), over 100,000 young Latinists in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia take this exam each year. FASNY students performed brilliantly! 
In the Introduction to Latin category, 18 eighth-graders won:
2 gold medals, accompanied by SUMMA CUM LAUDE diplomas (with highest honors) for Arnaud J and Mark A;
9 silver medals accompanied by MAXIMA CUM LAUDE diplomas (with highest honors) for Antoine D, and Guillaume V, Loise G, Xenia L, Adrien P, and Chloé C, Meredith K, Elsa B, and Lucie M;
2 MAGNA CUM LAUDE diplomas (very honorable); 
1 CUM LAUDE diploma (honorable).
In the Beginning Latin category, 15 high school students won:
2 gold medals with SUMMA CUM LAUDE diplomas for Lavinia G '27 and Federico M '26
3 silver medals with MAXIMA CUM LAUDE diplomas for Clémentine H '27, Pauline P and Félix J '25.
5 MAGNA CUM LAUDE diplomas;
1 CUM LAUDE diploma.
Well done to all participants, with a special mention to CHAMPION ARNAUD J '28, who scored a perfect 40/40. And now... let's head to the NLE 2025!