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Community Service

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Community Service is a key component of a FASNY education, directly correlating with the school's Mission, Values, and Student Profile Attributes.
All students at FASNY have the opportunity to participate in various community service initiatives throughout the year. At the Middle and High School levels, FASNY students are required to complete a standard number of hours of community service in order to graduate.

The goals of the community service program at FASNY are to:

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  • Make students aware of the needs of the people in our communities.

  • Make students better citizens by having them help those in need in whatever way they can.

Flagship Programs

The Community Service Club and other groups coordinate many initiatives throughout the school year. Some of this year's programs include:

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Each year, students who complete 100 or more hours of service within a 12-month period qualify to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Every year, FASNY students go above and beyond in their dedication to serve others. We are pleased to award students for their efforts and commitment each year.