FASNY offers a unique education based on the acquisition of two languages and two thought systems as well as the openness to multiple cultures. This mission is supported by programs tailored to each child’s needs, which are costly to operate. Our tuition is, therefore, considered by our parents as an investment in their child’s future.

We offer financial aid, which helps us to keep FASNY socially and economically diverse.

The Board of Trustees revises tuition on a yearly basis. The tuition for 2021-2022 is:

Nursery $29,000
PreK $29,000
Kindergarten $30,450
First Grade $32,630
Second Grade $32,630
Third Grade $32,630
Fourth Grade $32,630
Fifth Grade $32,630
Sixth Grade $33,635
Seventh Grade $33,635
Eighth Grade $33,635
Ninth Grade $34,810
Tenth Grade $36,800
Eleventh Grade $37,540
Twelfth Grade $37,540

Additional fees apply. For a complete list, including registration fees, please click here.

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How to pay tuition?

Being able to watch our daughter become bilingual and learn how to read and write and think bilingually, I think is well worth it.

Shari Bierly, FASNY mother

We had incredible teachers who truly taught us to examine issues critically and to open our eyes, not just to the small community around us but to the rest of the world. Thinking globally is something that I still hold on to.

Jeremy Diamond '11, Political reporter for

Our two children attend FASNY and we have been part of the FASNY community for the past five years. We are delighted with the progress our children have made both in French and English. The teachers genuinely care for our children. We have been very happy with FASNY.