Student Support

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Learning Support

  • Differentiated teaching is put in place at all grade levels in order to address the needs of each child
  • Extra help is built in the students' schedules in ways that vary wich each age group

Directed Studies

Various structures are offered for after school homework on our premises, from one-on-one tutoring, to homework help, to supervised studies. The offerings vary with the student's grade level and required level of support

Language support

In English,

    • a three-tiered approach ensures children move from beginner level through native-like fluency while reaping the benefits of the American education system. Students who are not fluent in English are taught the American curriculum in smaller groups, with an emphasis on language acquisition

In French,
    • at the Elementary School, the push-in/pull out system allows a tailored approach to the acquisition of French linguistic skills :
      • Push-in: a second teacher comes into the classroom during certain French Language Arts classes
      • Pull-out: small groups of students work separately with a teacher on specific skills during certain French Language Arts classes
      • A French speech therapist provides personalized support to our students
    • at the Secondary School, students may receive extra help in French at every grade level

A speech therapist works with the students of the three campuses.

3 school psychologists are available on the three campuses to provide individual support on an individual basis if needed.

Student Support Team

  • If a teacher sees a student at risk because of academic or psycho-social performance, a Student Support Team (SST) meeting is organized. The team may include the child's parents, his/her teachers, the school psychologist, the speech therapist, members of the administration, and anyone working directly with the child.
  • The team develops an action plan with strategies to support the student academically and psycho-socially.
  • If further academic psycho-social evaluation or therapy is necessary, a referral to outside resources will be made. Outside therapists and learning specialists who work with students will be invited to SST meetings.

Student Support Team Contact Information: