We are:

  • An international, independent, coeducational day school providing a global education to approximately 800 students in nursery (3 years old) through grade 12
  • Located:
    • Twenty miles north of Manhattan (35 minutes from Grand Central Station by train)
    • Nine miles south of Greenwich, Connecticut
  • The only school in the New York metropolitan area to be accredited to offer both the International Baccalaureate and the French Baccalaureate. All of our students also graduate with a New York State high school diploma. For more, see "Accreditations" below.

We offer:

  • A bilingual immersion program
  • Strong arts, music, and athletics; a community-service program; national and international educational trips; and many clubs
  • A student and staff body representing 50+ nationalities
  • An atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity
  • A combination of French and American school-life traditions, making for a warm and engaging community
  • A track record of academic excellence:
    • Average SAT scores well above the national and independent-school average
    • French Baccalaureate results placing us at the top among French-American schools in North America
    • New International Baccalaureate track already slated to become one of the best in the United States
    • A college acceptance list including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale in the United States; Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, Oxford, and UCL in the United Kingdom; as well as Canada and France’s best universities and grandes écoles and other fine European institutions


A Word from Joël Peinado, Head of School

Joel Peinado, Head of SchoolWelcome to the French-American School of New York's website. If this is your first visit, I invite you to take a virtual tour of our school and to learn about the extraordinary opportunities it offers its students in and outside the classroom.

When analyzing a phenomenon or event or attempting to solve a problem, FASNY students learn that analytical approaches and problem-solving methods are highly influenced by culture and can vary significantly. They come to understand and appreciate this intellectual diversity because they see that more than one valid point of view can be used to address the same challenge. The ability to formulate concepts, raise questions, study problems, play, write, sing, act, and make friends in two languages and within two different cultural frameworks expands our students' academic, cultural, and ethical horizons.

If you walk through the buildings that house our three divisions on any given day, you may see preschool students eagerly engaged in the study of the English and French names of the vegetables they are about to plant in the school's garden; you may observe lower school students learning about the American War of Independence in their social studies classes while discussing the French Revolution in their “histoire'' classes; you may encounter secondary school students reading Shakespeare in English and Corneille in French, then composing a typical French deductive dialectical essay or writing an inductive composition in English, following the MLA format.

As FASNY students progress through the school, they become knowledgeable, adaptable, open-minded young men and women who have acquired significant skills, learned to love and respect many cultures, and consider themselves true citizens of the world.

Joël Peinado
Head of School

From the Head of School


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FASNY students graduate with a New York State high school diploma and:

  • the French Baccalaureate, track ES (Economics and Social Sciences) or S (Sciences)—with or without the International (American) Option (OIB)
  • the International Baccalaureate taught in English only or bilingually