Virtual Tour

Welcome to our FASNY Virtual Tour! We are excited to give you a glimpse of what our three FASNY campuses have to offer and we hope to welcome you in person soon. Our Admissions Team is happy to help answer any questions, please email us or call 914-250-0401. Enjoy!

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FASNY Manor Campus
The Preschool and Lower School (grades K-3) are located in the beautiful and historic Larchmont Manor.
FASNY lower school students walking to school
Pre and Lower School students come to school excited each day to see their friends, teachers, and to learn new things.
FASNY community
At FASNY you will find a group of wonderful parents and families that make up our amazing community.
FASNY students walking to school
With our campuses located near safe, residential areas, many of our students in all grades walk to school.
Students come to FASNY from many different towns across New York and even Connecticut, bus transportation is a popular option among many families.
FASNY free play
Free play during drop off in the Preschool allows for learning through imagination.
FASNY circle time
Preschoolers start their day with circle time, gathering together to set the tone for the day.
FASNY circle time
Circle Time is always a special part of the Preschool day.
FASNY preschoolers sing songs
Preschoolers work on oral skills, language acquisition, listening comprehension and basic public speaking in a variety of ways including, rhyming, singing, and show and tell.
FASNY differentiation time
During differentiation time teachers work with our Preschool students in small groups to help them with projects and keep them on task.
FASNY fine motor skills
Many activities at the Preschool level focus on fine motor skills.
FASNY preschool students
Our Preschool students often break out into small groups during daily activities to have more hands on instruction from their teachers.
FASNY Manor Campus Gymnasium
Physical activities at the Pre and Lower School level enable harmonious motorskills and intellectual and emotional development. The activities gravitate toward the discovery of self,of others, and of the surrounding environment.  
FASNY lower school classroom
Lower School classrooms are bright and dynamic, providing a comfortable setting for our young learners.
FASNY students work together
The collaborative learning environment at FASNY allows students to feel comfortable working together.
In both our bilingual and international programs, the various subjects covered are accessible from both the French and American curricula and create an open-minded and flexible in their approach to learning.  
FASNY french language instruction
During French language instruction students receive one on one support from their teachers to work on pronunciation.
FASNY art students
In art, students explore color and design, through the use of basic techniques and acquisition of art terms. The continued development of fine-motor skills and gross motor skills is incorporated in projects and activities.
FASNY art class
Beginning in Grade 2, major artists are introduced, and their contributions to the art world and history are shared with the students, bridging the gap between learning in a traditional classroom setting and a hands-on approach.
Modular classrooms at FASNY
Modular desks in many Lower School classrooms allow students to move around during collaborative or individual work sessions.
FASNY students read together
FASNY students often have the chance to work together on projects, learning from each other in small groups.
FASNY students coding
Lower School students use school laptops or tablets to work on coding, math skills, reading, language acquisition, and research projects.
A strong ELL program serves the needs of nonanglophone students in grades 1 to 5. ELL groupings are small and designed to teach English to non-native English-speaking students at a speed and/or level matched to each student’s ability.
FASNY outdoor recess
Being in Westchester County and outside of the city allows for plenty of green space for our young students.
FASNY students enjoying recess
During all seasons our Pre and Lower School students have the ability to be outside during recess for fresh air and to let out some energy!
FASNY students on the playground
Our state of the art playground equipment provides lots of adventure and free play during recess.
FASNY students at recess
Lower School students have two sessions of recess throughout the day.
FASNY staff at recess
Our dedicated staff is always on hand to supervise our young students during recess.
FASNY students playing boxball
Boxball and basketball are very popular among our students during recess.
FASNY students playing soccer
The large grass fields on our Manor Campus allow for some exciting recess soccer games.
FASNY music class
Music is taught in both French and English and through five different approaches: instrumental; vocal; cultural; music theory; and a multimedia project.
FASNY spring concert
Students in all grades perform for the FASNY community in concerts throughout the year.
FASNY Middle School Campus
The Middle School, as well as Lower School grades 4&5 reside at the Village Campus in Mamaroneck, NY.
FASNY hallway at the Village Campus
The Lower School (grades 4&5) hallway at the Village Campus.
FASNY Middle School art
FASNY recognizes the importance of the arts in a well-rounded education and sponsors various student productions throughout the school year. These include musical-theater productions, plays, art exhibitions, assemblies, concerts, and presentations.
In Middle School, students are introduced to a variety of individual and team sports to encourage a lifetime of physical activity.
FASNY Middle School PE
Middle School students practice a variety of sports such as American football, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, Pickleball, golf, softball, and baseball.
FASNY Harbor Campus
The Harbor Campus in Mamaroneck houses our High School as well as our administrative offices.
FASNY outdoor space
Our Harbor Campus provides outdoor space for our High School students to eat lunch or take a break during their free periods.
FASNY Harbor Campus tables
High School students use our outdoor space not only to take a break, but to work on group projects as well.
FASNY Student Center
High School students use the Student Center as a place to socialize during lunch and free periods, study, or work on collaborative projects together.
FASNY senior area
Seniors have their own section of the Student Center to study or spend time together between classes or during free periods.
FASNY teacher using an interactive board
FASNY teachers use interactive boards during lessons. Students have the ability to connect to the boards through their personal computers.
FASNY Math Students
Depending on the track chosen, High School students will study Integrated Mathematics or American Mathematics such as Algebra or Geometry. 
FASNY science hallway
Students walk to class through the Language Arts & Science Hallway at the Harbor Campus.
FASNY biology teacher
FASNY teachers hold degrees from prestigious universities across the globe. 85% of our faculty hold advanced degrees.
FASNY biology students
In High School, students can study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Coursework includes studying in a traditional classroom setting as well as hands-on labwork in our state of the art labs.
FASNY economic class
Beginning in 10th grade, students can study the principles of economics, sociology, and political science. Topics that are essential to the education of all citizens who seek to understand the workings of the economy and society in which they live.
FASNY resource room
High School Economics is taught in our Resource Room. When classes are not in session students can use this room for extra study space.
FASNY students studying
Many early High School subjects are tailored to enable students to discover new academic disciplines and help them make enlightened decisions regarding their 11th- and 12th-grade education.
FASNY IB class
IB classes are small and interactive between the teachers and the students.
FASNY student taking notes
While technology plays a big role in our students' lives we can still count on traditional books and note taking too.
FASNY white boards
White Boards or "Learning Walls" are used throughout our classrooms as well as in hallways for students and teachers to express their ideas freely.
FASNY French Class
Students at FASNY can study French, Spanish, German, even Latin during their High School coursework.
FASNY students play basketball
In High School, PE classes students learn good-practice habits and are encouraged to engage in as many activities as possible. Sports include basketball, aerobics, street hockey, gymnastics, badminton, golf, and indoor tennis.
FASNY Harbor Campus Gymnasium
The Harbor Campus Gymnasium plays host to PE classes with sports such as basketball and volleyball, as well as many competitive games in our athletics program.
FASNY Track and Field
FASNY offers many competitive sports in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) League. Our Track & Field team is just one of many teams that represent the Sharks.