Fund for FASNY

The Fund for FASNY
The Fund for FASNY is a vital revenue which provides the support necessary to expand upon the outstanding educational experience FASNY is known for. Your donations enhance FASNY’s distinctive and challenging education.
The Fund for FASNY builds on the present and allows the school to do more, outside of what tuition supports, such as enhance FASNY’s information technology infrastructure, upgrade the School’s facilities and provide financial aid to qualified students. It also helps address unanticipated expenses such as funding the School’s response to COVID-19 or the Hurricane Ida flooding. 

With your gift, you have the opportunity to make an Unrestricted Gift that has an immediate impact on the FASNY experience for every student OR a Restricted Gift that can be directed to specific programs, for example, STEM, the arts, or athletics.
Senior Class Gift
The Senior Class Gift is a way to celebrate the wonderful experience students had while at FASNY by giving back and ensuring those who follow have a similar experience.
We hope families will demonstrate how generous the class is and set a standard for future graduating classes to continue the tradition of leaving a gift for others to enjoy – be it a tangible gift or possibly a gift to support financial aid.

Senior Class gifts count as your participation in the Fund for FASNY.
The Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund for Financial Aid

The Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund was established to commemorate the life of Olivia Tucker, a FASNY alumna who passed away in 2006.
To date, the Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund has raised more than $1 million, allowing many students—who otherwise may not have had the opportunity—to experience the exceptional bilingual and multicultural education FASNY offers.

This is a temporarily restricted fund: 100% of the funds raised are provided as scholarships to students in the following academic year.

Giving Levels

Scholars Circle - $20,000 +
Charter Circle - $10,000-$19,999
40th Anniversary Circle - $4,000 - $10,000 
1980 Society - $2,500 - $3,999
Associates Circle - $500 - $2,499
Supporter - $1-$499

Alumni Giving Levels

Lifelong Learners Society - $500 +
Citizens of the World Society - $101 to $500
Young Alumni Society - Up to $100
Every gift, no matter the size, helps to make updates to our campuses, provides hands-on learning through field trips, ensures each FASNY student has access to the latest technology, enhances enrichment in the classroom and school clubs, and supports our exciting athletic program.