International and bilingual Nursery (3 years old) - Grade 12 day school in Westchester County, New York

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The Accent Is on a Global Education at FASNY

By Robin Jovanovich

Francis Gianni became the sixth head of the French-American School of New York last fall, which gave him just enough time to settle in, get to know the community, and spend time on all three school campuses before the arrival of Covid-19.

“What can I say? It was baptism by fire,” said Gianni in an interview this week. He said he and the staff remained focused on the heart of their mission: “ensuring the well-being of our students by building critical thinking, motivation, and confidence. We do it through involving them in projects. And we involve the parents from the start, ‘training’ them to help us verify that our curriculum is having the desired impact and that their children are truly learning.”

FASNY Named One of Hudson Valley's Most Diverse High Schools

In a recent report on the most diverse public and private high schools in New York State, several Hudson Valley institutions ranked at the top of the list, with Hoosac School cracking the top five most diverse private schools in the entire state, according to Niche. Niche utilizes data from the U.S. Department of Education to measure diversity according to gender, culture, and economic status. The following private schools ranked inside of Niche's top 100 most diverse private schools.