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The FASNY Art of Learning Collection

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Beginning in September 2019, and thanks to the generous donations of some FASNY families, FASNY has collected over 55 pieces of art from the greatest museums around the world to make up the The FASNY Art of Learning Collection. While these sculptures beautify our spaces, their purpose on FASNY’s campuses is so much more than art in the traditional sense.
FASNY’s Mission and FASNY Fundamentals call on us to focus on learning, to nurture creative, open-minded, critical thinkers to become lifelong learners. This can’t only be done through books, computers, or even sitting in classrooms. Our hope is that our hallways, communal spaces, walls, doors, and even outdoor areas are an opportunity for student growth and create bridges between subjects and project-based learning. Paintings will follow soon as well! When we are surrounded by new ideas, both from famous artists and our own students, faculty and staff, we are left to think, to contemplate, to learn about each other and the world around us.

Current Collection

This project will continue to grow year over year with new pieces added, and more students and FASNY team members involved in various actions impacting the Learning Profile Attributes of our students.
In coordination with Leaders of Learning and art teachers Erika Hibbert and Victoria Rolett faculty & staff members worked on engaging students in various actions impacting the Learning Profile Attributes of students. Within the first few months of the initial installment, the collection truly came to life on the Village and Harbor Campuses. Students and faculty members utilized the pieces across multiple subjects and in various ways. 
With each project FASNY students embodied these Learning Profile Attributes by taking risks, thinking outside of the box, reflecting on the past, being open-minded to new ways of learning, and much more.