Frequently Asked Questions about Giving

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • I pay tuition for my children. Why am I being solicited for gifts?

    Like all independent schools in the United States, FASNY receives no government support– from the American government nor the French government. It is typical for independent schools to rely on a combination of tuition and philanthropic giving to cover tuition and expenses. As a non-profit independent school, FASNY could not offer the unique bilingual academic model–the French, American, and IB curricula delivered by highly qualified teachers–without donations from families, alumni, and corporations. If you can only make one gift this year, the Fund for FASNY is the priority. A gift to the Fund is the most powerful thing you can do to support your child(ren)’s education.
  • Why not just raise tuition to cover all of the expenses?

    We set the tuition at its level to keep FASNY more affordable to more families. Raising tuition would exclude many families that make our community so wonderful. An additional benefit is that while a tuition payment is not tax-deductible, gifts to the Fund for FASNY are 100% tax-deductible. Including the Fund for FASNY into our operating budget allows families to contribute to the tuition with tax-deductible gifts that fit each family’s budget.
  • Can I direct my gifts to specific projects?

    The Fund for FASNY is the main fund for unrestricted donations; however, gifts can also be directed to specific programs, such as science, scholarships, or athletics.
  • How much should I give?

    FASNY values every gift, regardless of amount, and we ask you to donate at a level that is meaningful for your family. All gifts make a difference for our students. A gift to the Fund for FASNY strengthens the school’s offerings to all our students.
  • What is a pledge?

    A pledge is a commitment to make a gift of a specified dollar amount in the future. Pledges are to be fulfilled by the end of the School’s fiscal year, on June 30.
  • What is the participation rate and why is it important?

    The parent-participation rate measures the proportion of parents who contribute to the Fund for FASNY. Our participation rate indicates our shared commitment to our students and encourages outside funders, such as corporations and private foundations, to further invest in our educational goals.

    Our goal for this year is 100%. This goal reflects the dedication and commitment that we see every day from FASNY parents.

    As a benchmark, other leading independent schools in the region post parent-participation rates of 95%+. We need to show the world that our community is as committed.
  • When should I give?

    Making a gift to the Fund for FASNY at the beginning of each school year means that your donation can be put to work immediately to elevate our students’ education and cover the full costs of tuition for that year. Once you give or make a pledge, you will receive no further solicitation for the Fund for FASNY for the year.
  • What is the Senior Class Gift?

    Beginning in 2009, as a celebration of FASNY’s first graduating High School class, the Senior Class Gift is a way to celebrate the wonderful experience students had while at FASNY by giving back and ensuring those who follow have a similar experience.

    We hope families will demonstrate how generous the class is and set a standard for future graduating classes to continue the tradition of leaving a gift for others to enjoy – be it a tangible gift or possibly a gift to support financial aid.

    Please note – any donation towards the Senior Class Gift counts as your gift to the Fund for FASNY. 
  • What is the Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund (for Financial Aid)?

    The Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund was established to commemorate the life of Olivia Tucker, a FASNY alumna who passed away in 2006. To date, the Olivia Tucker Scholarship Fund has raised more than $1 million, allowing many students—who otherwise may not have had the opportunity—to experience the exceptional bilingual and multicultural education FASNY offers. 

    This is a temporarily restricted fund: 100% of the funds raised are provided as scholarship to students in the following academic year.
  • What is the 1980 Society?

    Named in honor of the School’s founding year, the 1980 Society was formed in 2010 to recognize unrestricted leadership gifts to the Fund for FASNY and/or the FASNY Gala. Membership starts with a gift of $2,500 or more. The 1980 Society comprises members of the entire FASNY community, including parents, alumni, alumni parents, and staff. Members are invited to attend the annual 1980 Society Event with current and former trustees.
  • What is the difference between the funds raised at FASNY’s Gala and those raised for the Fund for FASNY?

    • The Fund for FASNY builds on the present and allows the school to do more, outside of what tuition supports, such as enhance FASNY’s information technology infrastructure, upgrade the School’s facilities and provide financial aid to qualified students. It also helps address unanticipated expenses such as funding the School’s response to COVID-19. 
    • The Gala invests in FASNY's future and allows the School to finance mission-driven innovations such as STEAM/STEM projects, professional development for teachers, and invest in projects that accelerate the learning experience of FASNY students.