Middle School Academics

It is my pleasure to welcome you to FASNY’s Middle School, grades 6 through 8.
I work closely with the Coordinator for Student Life and Discipline, Mr. Jeremy Emeras; the school counselor, Ms. Anita Giordano; the professeur principal for each class; and a team of caring, experienced teachers to create a learning environment that serves the needs of the whole child.

Gilbert Ekotto
Middle School Head

The curriculum in the Middle School is thoroughly bilingual: students have as much classroom time in English as in French. The course of study meets the official criteria of the French Ministry of Education and compares favorably with best practices of the most competitive American independent schools in the New York metropolitan area.

Complementing the highly demanding yet academically rich bilingual curriculum are life- and study-skills classes where students “learn how to learn” (time management, goal setting, test- and note-taking strategies, learning style awareness, etc.) and how to communicate effectively, solve conflicts, and be positive, contributing members of a school community.


FASNY students are encouraged to participate actively in school clubs and sports teams, while an active student government organizes picnics, game nights, ski trips, and dances to further enrich the school experience.


The move to Middle School is an important milestone in your child’s schooling. This is a time of increased independence and increased responsibility. As the children navigate the personal and academic challenges of the middle school years, they will find a team of dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff to guide them as they learn to master not only the academic rigors of these grades, but also the social and emotional demands of the preteen years.


2019-2020 FASNY Curriculum Guide