College Counseling


College counseling at FASNY begins in 10th grade, when a plan of action for college admissions and testing is mapped out for each student. Evening presentations are tailored to each grade level, and there are frequent counseling meetings starting in the students’ 11th-grade year. Every year our office invites representatives from a variety of universities to hold information sessions at FASNY for groups of interested students.

We demystify the application process, serving as a knowledgeable resource for students applying to colleges and universities in North America, Europe, and throughout the world. We work to match each student with a college that both fits the student’s individual needs and provides an atmosphere where he or she will thrive personally and intellectually. Throughout the college planning process, each student is treated as an individual. As a small school, we are able to work very closely with FASNY families, making the college admissions process a highly personal one.

Our faculty write informed letters of recommendation because they know our students well. FASNY’s college counseling team seeks to empower students as they make important educational plans for their post-high school years.

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Nicole Zabotin
Director of College Counseling
(914) 250-0426

Shellee Hendricks
Director of College Counseling
(914) 250-0464