High School

French-American Program

FASNY follows the academic curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education, which develops the examinations for each subject and also appoints the examiners. Each examination consists of a series of essays requiring significant in-depth analysis. Students also are required to sit for two to four oral examinations. The bac is administered over a two-week period in early June.
With success rates consistently at 100%, and students passing with honors at an average of 90%, FASNY offers excellent preparation for either the ES (Economics and Social Sciences) or S (Math and Sciences) track of the French baccalaureate.

While the coursework is taught primarily in French, students have the option to concurrently pursue the OIB in English, with English and social studies taught in English by American teachers at a level equivalent to AP or honors.

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  • Grade 9

    In grade 9, students in the French-American program prepare for and take the Brevet, a compulsory French examination covering math, French language and literature, history/geography, and civics. There is also a cross-curricular oral examination component in art history.
  • Grade 10

    In grade 10, students have the opportunity to explore a number of special electives (economics and social sciences, experimental laboratory science, literature and society, public speaking, etc.) designed to help them better understand academic interests and strengths. They are also required to take part in a week-long internship.
  • Grade 11

    In grade 11, students take on three "specialty courses," two of which they will continue to pursue in grade 12, alongside their core courses (French literature, English, history/geography, foreign language, science, and physical education).
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  • Grade 12

    In grade 12, they can also elect to take math at the expert level (only for those taking mathematics as a specialty course), complementary math, or law and the challenges of our contemporary world.

With or Without the OIB Honors Option

At FASNY, students who are proficient in English may elect the American Option of the OIB (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat). This program provides a rigorous curriculum in English literature and an integrated history/geography course of study taught by American faculty. These courses are taught at an honors level. The OIB is not a separate diploma, but rather a specialization within the framework of the French baccalaureate.

Students prepare for the OIB during the 11th and 12th grades. At the end of 12th grade, students take the baccalaureate exam in their chosen concentration, as well as rigorous exams (written and oral) in both English literature and history/geography. The examiners for the OIB are approved by the College Board.

Please note: The OIB is part of the French baccalaureate and should not be confused with the International Baccalaureate (IB).