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Leadership & Entrepreneur Skills

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As a leader in Bilingual & International Education FASNY not only aims to provide students with the best in academics but strives to help them become empowered individuals with leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to succeed in the ever-evolving world. Within both the academic framework in class, as well as extracurricular offerings FASNY is able to provide students of all ages these important and dynamic opportunities that will help to shape their futures.
Traditional communication skills like reading, writing, and language lay the important foundation to become an effective communicator. FASNY also pushes students to learn and grow through presentations, public speaking, debate opportunities, partnerships with other AEFE schools throughout North America and abroad, and more recently, through the evolving digital communication platforms offered in today's society.

Allowing students of all ages the ability to adapt and learn the latest in the landscape of digital communication prepares them to be successful and respectful communicators and digital citizens of the world.


Beginning in grade 5, students have the opportunity to engage with issues and activities of personal importance and to disseminate the outcome to the FASNY community and beyond through the format of a podcast.

Why Podcasts?
  • To learn new technology skills within the podcast platform
  • To identify what's of personal importance and/or interest
  • To encourage collaboration with peers and risk-taking by sharing something personal
  • To add and synthesize one’s own thoughts and ideas into information that is researched
  • To create something of pride and share it with the world so that others could benefit or learn 

The Social Institute

Being a responsible digital citizen includes understanding the growing social media landscape. FASNY has a long-standing partnership with The Social Institute and their #WinAtSocial program. The Social Institute is the leader in engaging, student-led lessons related to social-emotional health, social media use, and technology. 

Students in grades 4-12 participate in monthly sessions with The Social Institute aiming to empower them to positively navigate their social world - including social media and technology - to fuel their health, happiness, and future success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Students at FASNY at are given the space and empowerment to hone their entrepreneurial spirit and skills to develop leadership skills they can use in all aspects of life. Clubs like the Future Business Leaders of America, High School internship opportunities, partnerships with mentors to create a business plan through an entrepreneur project in grade 10, attendance at national and global conferences, and even student-led clubs enable students to have ownership of not only their interests but to learn how to lead both while at FASNY and when they continue their academic and career journeys as they graduate.

Learn more about the grade 10 Internship Program .