High School

One Student Body, Two Programs, Three Diplomas

FASNY is the only school in the New York metropolitan area to offer the French baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate (IB). All students also graduate with a New York State high school diploma.
FASNY's track record of 100% college acceptance and 100% baccalaureate success places us among the top French-American schools in North America, while our International Baccalaureate Program has been ranked among the best in the United States, according to Newsweek.
At our private high school in Westchester, NY, we encourage our students to be active participants in their own education. Our methods of teaching and learning are based on a mutual respect and set of values that our students and teachers follow, with a growth mindset always in the forefront. Our goal is not based solely on excellent results and academic rigor, but on supporting our students to become well-rounded individuals set up for success outside of FASNY and beyond.


At the High School level, students have a large support system made up of dedicated teachers, heads of department, leaders of learning, administrators and support staff to help develop their full potential in the areas of student learning, student leadership and student emotional and social well-being. Our FASNY Mission and FASNY Fundamentals call on all of us to aid our students as they take risks, meet challenges, become open communicators, and learn empathy for others. It is our role to assist them as they celebrate their successes and face adversity throughout their four years of High School. 

As part of their social, emotional growth, we help to prepare our oldest students for the real world by encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit through both their academics and extracurriculars. Students are motivated to explore a variety of interests and causes with student-led clubs, athletics, and community service. Expanding their minds and bodies outside of the classroom is an integral part of the FASNY High School experience.
The high school, which encompasses grades 9 through 12, is located at our Harbor campus, in Mamaroneck. In grades 9 and 10, students have the option to pursue:
In grades 11 and 12, students may opt for:

  • The BFI program (French International Baccalaureate), a rigorous course of study in which English, history, and geography are taught in English by American teachers.
  • The IB Diploma program, in which all classes are taught in English, except for French literature. The IB track is available to both francophone and non-francophone students and to those who are fluent in English or, at a minimum, proficient English Language Learners.
FASNY’s individualized college counseling process, beginning in grade 10, successfully prepares students for higher education in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and elsewhere in continental Europe, offering guidance to students and parents with respect to academic and extracurricular choices, standardized testing, and the college application process.