Admissions Process

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  • Step 1: Submit Your Online Application

    Complete your 2023-2024 online application. If you are looking to apply for 2022-2023, follow the same steps to complete your application, and contact the Admissions Office for further discussion. A $150 non-refundable fee will be requested at the time of application.

    After receiving your application, the Admissions Office will send you a checklist reminder. You can start accessing your portal and providing missing admissions materials anytime after submitting your application.

    The deadline to submit your application for the 2023-2024 academic year is Dec 15, 2022. If you apply after that date, your application will still be considered on a rolling basis, and a decision letter will be sent based on grade availability.
  • Step 2: Schedule Your Discovery Sessions

    Personal Outreach
    Once you have submitted your application, the next step is to schedule a 45 min. personal outreach video call with our Admissions Office from your admissions portal. This is a required component of the FASNY application process. We look forward to learning more about your family and answering any questions you have. 

    Meet and Greets
    We also strongly encourage you to attend our virtual Meet and Greet sessions. These small group conversations will also give you the opportunity to learn more about what makes FASNY a unique experience. Please select a date within your Admissions portal.

    Campus Tours
    Virtual tours will be available bi-monthly starting September 19, 2022. Please select a date within your Admissions portal. We will take you through our facilities via a grouped virtual session. You can also access our photo gallery at any point during the Admissions process on the Virtual Tour section of this website. In-person tours are available on request for current applicants. All tours can be scheduled from your Admissions portal. 
  • Step 3: Submit Student Rating Form by December 16

    The Student Rating Form* must be sent electronically from your Admissions portal to your child’s current teacher. Once their teacher has completed the form, you will receive an electronic notification and your checklist item will be marked as complete.

    * Your Admissions checklist will specify the required forms based on your child's grade. 
  • Step 4: Playgroups, Placements & Interviews

    Following the French Ministry of Education’s policies, prospective students registered in a school accredited by the French Government are admitted on the basis of school records and teacher recommendations. In some cases, the French-American School of New York will contact the Director or teachers of the applicant's school for further information. 

    Depending on the program, a virtual or in-person evaluation to determine placement is also customary.

    Evaluation dates and times will be scheduled and confirmed in December 2022. For details and requirements by grade, please click below. 
    Requirements by grade: 

    - For applicants in Grades 1 to 12, these evaluation assessments will take approximately 45 minutes and will be conducted virtually or in-person. The assessments include reading comprehension, writing skills, oral skills, math, and French if applicable.

    - For applicants Grades 2 to 12, a 15 min individual student interview is required. 

    - Applicants Grades 4 to 12 must also submit a writing sample. 

    - Applicants Grades 6 to 12 must submit a personal essay.  

    Additional testing material may be required.
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  • Step 5: Complete the Financial Aid Application by January 15 (Optional)

    The required financial aid forms must be submitted by February 1.

    FASNY is eager to encourage all qualified students to apply to the school. We are actively committed to maintaining a school community of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences and our extensive financial aid program helps to make a FASNY education accessible for those who demonstrate financial need. FASNY grants approximately $2.3 million in financial aid to 17.6 percent of the student body.

    The Financial Aid Program uses an outside organization called TADS/SSS to establish financial need. Questions about financial aid? Please visit our Financial Aid section for more information or contact Stephanie Reyna, Financial Aid Coordinator, at 914.250.0412 or
  • Step 6: Submit Transcripts, Report Cards or Progress Reports by January 6

    FASNY requires that report cards or progress reports be submitted by January 6 for an application to be considered in the first round. Reports (trimester or quarterly) can be uploaded directly to your Online Application Portal. For 2022 -2023 report cards, we recommend families make these requests as early as possible.

    If your school provides semester report cards, please notify the admissions office immediately.

    For students attending public or private schools, official transcripts are required and should be sent by the school's registrar's office.
  • Step 7: Receive a Decision from FASNY

    You will receive an email notification with the admissions decision and financial aid grant (if applicable) on February 6, 2023. Decision letters for applications received after the above date are sent on a rolling basis.
  • Step 8: Confirm your Enrollment at FASNY

    If your child is accepted, you are asked to return a signed contract with a non-refundable tuition deposit of $3,000 in order to secure your child’s spot by March 2023.

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Admission Requirements by Entry Points

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  • Nursery, preK and K

    No French required.
    Applicants for the 2023-2024 Nursery class must be born by December 31, 2020, and be completely toilet-trained before the school year begins.
  • Grades 1-12

    International track: no French required.
    French-American track: applicants must have the ability to perform in French at grade level as prescribed by the French Ministry of National Education.

General Admission Information

In the interest of a positive educational experience for our students, the family’s demonstrated interest in and commitment to FASNY’s mission is critical.
  • We strongly encourage all families to apply for admission as early as possible in their child’s education in order to maximize the benefits of our bilingual program.
  • Because space is limited in Preschool, we strongly recommend that families apply to enroll their children in Nursery.
  • Because of limited enrollment at each grade level, we are unable to accept all qualified applicants and therefore maintain a waitlist.
  • The French-American School of New York is a day school, not a boarding school. FASNY does not enroll applicants wishing to pursue their last years of High School in New York without their families.
  • English as a Second Language instruction is available throughout the curriculum, therefore, non-English-speaking applicants may be admitted at any level in the French-American track.
  • French as a Second Language instruction is available throughout the curriculum, therefore, non-French-speaking applicants may be admitted at any level in the International track.


Email us at or schedule a call with our Admissions Office Director, Marine Heraud.