The parent-teacher association, or PTA, welcomes new families and helps ensure their easy transition to the school community.
It organizes many traditional American and French cultural celebrations that support FASNY’s mission.

Additionally, it facilitates communication between parents and the school's administration as well as coordinates the class-parent delegates, who act as liaisons among the parents, teachers, and PTA leadership.

The PTA’s fundraising efforts subsidize school events and activities at FASNY that directly benefit the students.

2023-2024 PTA Board

List of 9 items.

  • Co-Presidents

    Tania Chaidez
    Sophie Castell 
    Uwera Rodriguez
  • Treasurer

    Odile Grisard
  • Secretary

    Andrew Anselmo
  • Communications

    Charlene Poziumschi
  • High School Reps

    Frederique Pellerin
    Alexandra Baxter
  • Middle School Reps

    Jennifer Stevens
    Karine Lelievre
  • Lower School and Preschool Coordinator

    Uwera Rodriguez
  • Lower School Rep

    Katharina Daub
  • Preschool Rep

    Christi Friedman