Language Institute

As a leader in bilingual education, FASNY is happy to offer a variety of languages at various levels, both in-person and online, to students and adults who attend FASNY and those who do not.
Everyone has the opportunity to learn a new language at FASNY!
Thinking about learning a new language? Always dreamed of ordering your favorite dish at an Italian restaurant? Family planning a trip to Germany and want to learn more about the language and culture?

Take a look at what the Language Institute is offering this fall:
Introduction to German 
Language: English/German Grades Available: 11th Grade - Adult

Introduction to Italian 
Language: English/Italian Grades Available: 11th Grade - Adult

Beginner Arabic 4th and 5th Grade,  Intermediate Arabic 7th - 9th Grade, Advanced Arabic 10th - 12th Grade
Beginner French, Advanced Beginner French, Intermediate French, Advanced French - Adult - 18+

Any questions please reach out to Director of Extensions, Kelly Goldstein,