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Whether joining at FASNY in Preschool, or later in a students’ academic career, STEM plays a key factor in all divisions. Our Pre & Lower School curriculums set the foundation for math and the sciences in fun, hands-on ways with a variety of projects. As a student progresses through Middle and High School, the curriculum continues to build upon these foundational skills incorporating the best of American, French, and other International STEM curriculums. 


The Science Department at FASNY develops the scientific investigation approach from Middle School to High School. For that purpose, FASNY students use their science hours to both study in the classroom and take their knowledge into our state-of-the-art labs. Our curriculum promotes manipulation in the laboratory, experiments, and the use of software or 3D visualization with merges cube. Proposing hypotheses, setting up protocols, interpretation, and conclusions are the basis of the scientific reasoning that we strive to develop in our students.

FASNY students are encouraged to continue their STEM studies within the community with Science Fair Competitions, actively participating in FASNY’s Green Week each year, taking part in the global Fresque du Climat activity, and more. 


Students enjoy STEM activities that include coding, robotics, and more from K - 12. Coding and other STEM activities enhance creativity, communication, maths, writing, and confidence.

Our early childhood and elementary students work with Osmo, BeeBots, and Dash & Dot. In this way, they use block-based coding to develop critical thinking skills. Students further develop technical literacy as they develop websites and design games.

Our students take part in Computer Science Education Week. Lego League Robotics and Hour of Code are fun events open to students at FASNY and the community at large.

FASNY students develop agency through programs such as these inspiring innovation and curiosity. Some students continue to present their work at the International Science Fair. Several schools in Westchester, including FASNY, host this event.


The philosophy of the FASNY Mathematics department is to provide a comprehensive, international mathematical education for all students. The department fosters the development of students as mathematical critical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners and to function as reflective global citizens. The department strives to equip students with skills, knowledge, tools, and understanding that will enable them to develop conceptual understanding, accuracy, and procedural fluency.

Whether studying Algebra, Geometry, French Mathematics, Computer Science, Applications & Interpretations, or Analysis & Approaches, FASNY students are well prepared and equipped to continue their math education at the University and College level across the globe. 

Middle & High School students have the opportunity to test their mathematical skills in a variety of ways such as regional, national, and international competitions, as well as real-life problem solving with Stock Market Games and Entrepreneurship Projects.
Mathematics Competitions
Le Kangourou Mathématique (The Mathematical Kangaroo) 
MAA American Mathematics Competitions
La Courses Aux Nombres (The Numbers Race)
Le Projet Photo Mathons (The Photo Mathons Project)
Olympiads de Mathématiques (Mathematics Olympics)

Stock Market Games/Entrepreneurship Projects
Elliah Industries
Downey Investments
Kiddos Investments
Empire Cashews
Mother Wick