SharkBots Take a Byte!

From April 16-20 the FASNY SharkBots High School robotics team battled it out at the FIRST World Robotics Championship in Houston Texas. 
The “Olympics of Robotics”, the championships attracted over 50,000 players, coaches, parents, and spectators from around the world over 4 days. The Houston Championship is truly a world event with 58 countries and 1015 teams represented.
The FASNY SharkBots were invited to Houston after being the top robot in Utica's New York Excelsior Championship with an 8-1 record. In Houston, they faced even tougher competition from the top 224 teams from around the world. The event breaks teams into 4 divisions of 56 teams each. The FASNY robot was strong from the outset and compiled a divisional 9-1 record in the qualifier stage. This stunning achievement landed them in 4th place in their division—meaning that FASNY was ranked in the top 16 teams out of 7900 teams in the world!!  By finishing among the top 4 teams in their division, the SharkBots were propelled into the finals. Playing with their alliance partners from Romania and Taiwan, they had to face the number one seed in their division in the semifinals and alas…they were eliminated in a thrilling tie-breaker match.  
In another first for FASNY, during the awards ceremony in Houston, the team won a judged award called the “Think Award” given to exceptional teams that demonstrate a creative approach to engineering and problem-solving. Equally important to their best season yet, this experience left the SharkBots excited for next season with new friends from around the world. Well done! The team thanks everyone at FASNY for their generosity and support!