Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Dear Members of the FASNY Community,

The DEI Task Force would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a healthy and enjoyable summer. We would also like to extend a Happy Pride Month to the LGBTQIA+ within our community! As this school year comes to a close, we want to thank all of you for sharing your ideas, experiences, concerns, and resources as we committed to this important work together.

Throughout the year, the Task Force has had the privilege to speak to community members of color, including those of African and Asian heritage. Everyone has been instrumental in navigating the support of our FASNY students, families, faculty & staff, within our ever-changing world. It is clear that we all share the common goal of seeing FASNY continue to fulfill its Mission of ensuring that everyone is seen, heard and feels respected. 

Although work remains to be done, the Task Force is proud to share some of the more tangible projects completed within each division. Please take a look here to  understand some of the work being done being done and how it has come to life in the classrooms throughout this school year. 

Looking ahead, with our new Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Isabelle Toussaint in place, our goal next year will be to complete, strengthen and expand upon the Task Force recommendations within the domains that we outlined last year. With many short, medium, and long-term goals put forward, we remain committed to this undertaking and these recommendations continue to be a priority. 

In addition, we also recognize the need to expand our DEI work to reflect the broader society in which we live and in keeping with our status as a recognized leader in multicultural, bi-lingual education. 

Together, we have laid a very solid foundation and we invite you to remain vigilant in helping support our commitment to a safe and inclusive school environment for all. 
Once again, thank you FASNY community for your cooperation and collaboration in this important endeavor. Have a great summer!

The DEI Task Force


Below, you will find some interesting and very enlightening resources provided to us by Dr. Gay:

1) Dr. Gay website resource list on a number of topics:
2) Sesame Street video for young children:
5) History of Asian American Racism in the United States:
6) Faut-il parler de race pour lutter contre le racisme?