Statement in Light of Recent Events in Our Nation

Since its inception, FASNY's mission as an educational institution has been to develop lifelong learners. As an international school, we aim to cultivate a global outlook and mindset, holding in the highest regard the values of diversity, equity, empathy, and inclusion. We teach our students—from nursery through grade 12—to uphold these values in their daily lives. They are an integral part of the education we offer, interwoven in every facet of our curriculum and school life.

All of us at FASNY are horrified, revolted, and deeply saddened by the tragic events that have taken place recently in Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky, and elsewhere. They threaten and undermine the very values for which our school stands. Let me state unequivocally here that FASNY does not and will not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. Moving forward, we will redouble our efforts to help break the cycle of systemic racism that has plagued this nation since its founding. It is a formidable order, to be sure, but as an educational institution, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to work together toward the greater good.

We are proud of the concrete actions that our students, especially those in the middle and high school, have taken in recent days to build a more just and peaceful world. Some of these will be highlighted on our social media channels, as well as in our weekly newsletter. For, ultimately, it is action that will bring about the substantive change we seek in our world. We will continue to build awareness and take action in the fight against hatred and ignorance.


Francis Gianni
Head of School