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Visible Learning Forum

Wednesday, January 10 (10:30am to 11:30am)
(All Grades)
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Virtual event.

Join us for an inside look at visible learning at FASNY with our Associate Head of School, Kristine Von Ogden, and our Head of School, Francis Gianni. We will cover FASNY's fundamentals, philosophy and approach to teaching and learning. This session will be followed by a Q&A (Virtual Event, All grades).
What is “visible learning”? It is all about the why, what and how of learning. Visible Learning is a concentrated, intentional approach to make student learning visible to our teachers so that they can have the greatest impact possible on our students’ overall learning experience. Learning is the focus, and at FASNY we focus on the best ways to make deep learning happen. This includes making sure our students know what they are learning, why they are learning it, how they will know once they have learned it, and then be excited for what comes next. Putting into place consistent practices which have the greatest impact, including focusing on feedback, establishing clear success criteria, and bringing student voice and ownership to the center of their learning are important components of Visible Learning. This creates even more excitement and joy around learning, cultivating life-long learners here at FASNY, from nursery through 12th grade and beyond. We are thrilled to embark on this learning journey across all divisions, with becoming a Visible Learning Certified School in the coming years clearly in our sights.