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For Faculty & Staff

Within our professional community, training sessions throughout the school, in all divisions, as well as professional learning via local and international partners (such as NAIS, NYSAIS, AEFE) are offered.  Most recently, Katie Swalwell presented to the school community on the topic of Equity in the Curriculum.

Within teaching and learning our faculty & staff work closely with the DEI office to continuously expand our reach within the classroom and curriculum. Examples include book series focused on identity and mirrors and windows approach to the curriculum. An Intentional lens focused on anti-racism and anti-bias in classroom discussions, seminars, equity practices, and social-emotional learning.

Additionally, Leaders of Learning use their time with students to reflect on real-time issues or current social topics that require discussion. 

Finally, in-depth conversations and class discussions, and presentations are led by the Director of DEI to be an ever-present resource to students and faculty & staff alike.