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Step 4: Playgroups, Placements & Interviews (January)

Following the French Ministry of Education’s policies, prospective students registered in a school accredited by the French Government are admitted on the basis of school records and teacher recommendations. In some cases, the French-American School of New York will contact the Director or teachers of the applicant's school for further information. 

Depending on the program, a virtual or in-person evaluation to determine placement is also customary.

Evaluation dates and times will be scheduled and confirmed in December 2023. For details and requirements by grade, please click below. 
Requirements by grade: 

- Preschool applicants will be invited to attend a playgroup session on January 20, 2024.
- For applicants in Grades 1 to 12, these evaluation assessments will take through January and last approximately 45 minutes (conducted virtually or in-person). The assessments include reading comprehension, writing skills, oral skills, math, and French if applicable.

- For applicants Grades 2 to 12, a 15 min individual student interview is required. 

- Applicants Grades 4 to 12 must also submit a writing sample. 

- Applicants Grades 6 to 12 must submit a personal essay.  

Additional testing material may be required.