Community Service

The goals of the community service program at FASNY are to:

  • Make students aware of the needs of the people in our communities
  • Make students better citizens by having them help those in need in whatever way they can

The Community Service Club and other groups coordinate many initiatives throughout the school year. Some of our recurring flagship programs include:

  • Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen: Our community comes together to provide those in need a traditional home-cooked meal prepared and served by parents and students in our Village campus cafeteria, which is specially decorated for the occasion.
  • Midnight Run: Middle and high school students raise funds and distribute clothing, food, blankets, toiletries, and other necessities to the homeless of Manhattan.
  • Nicaragua service trip
  • Habitat for Humanity

Program Requirements

Middle School

  • Students in grade 6 must complete 10 hours of service during the school year. Signed sheets need to be submitted by the Monday following the Spring Fair/Kermesse. Any hours completed after this date will be logged as credit for grade 7.
  • Students in grades 7 and 8 must complete 10 hours of service within the 12-month period beginning May 1 through the following April 30. Any hours completed after this date will be logged as credit for the following school year.

Note: Incomplete hours will be noted on the student’s final report card, and this will have a bearing on the final judgment of the Conseil de classe with respect to the attribution of “Merit.”

High School
Fifty hours of community service must be completed over the course of a student’s high school years in order for the student to graduate. All hours must be completed by April 30 to be logged as credit for that particular academic year.

  • Students in grades 9-11: Hours completed after April 30 will be logged as credit for the following academic year.
  • Students in grade 12: Failure to complete the required hours before April 30 could result in a student not receiving a high school diploma at the graduation ceremony.

Note: Hours are pro-rated according to when a student entered the high school at FASNY.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award
Students who complete 100 or more hours of service within a 12-month period qualify to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. In order for the school to send the application, the hours need to be completed during the previous school year, between May 1 and the following April 30. If a student completed 100 hours from, for example, January to January or September to September, s/he will have to bring back copies of the signed community service sheets for that period to Mrs. Giordano. Please note that our system allows us to compute only those hours submitted from May 1 to the following April 30.



Community Service Opportunities

Thanksgiving at FASNY
Thanksgiving is an important celebration at FASNY, one where the heart of the School truly shines, from the festive lunch served to faculty, staff and students by our PTA before our break, to the celebration brought by our community to the less fortunate in our area.
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