Lower School Academics

In both tracks, whether the French-American or the International, the curriculum taught in French is mandated by the French Ministry of Education, with some contextual adaptations and the curriculum taught in English has been developed by the school in accordance with the best practices of American independent schools.

In the French-American track, students will have about 2/3 of their courses taught in French and 1/3 in English. In the International track, it will be the reverse proportions. Students will be grouped by proficiency levels in French and English (Native, Advanced Language Learner, and Language Learner). Students in all grades will have common periods of community activity and academic instruction, whether they follow the French-American or the International track.

Both curricula are harmonized for an ideal bilingual learning experience. Our students quickly learn that the English and French curricula overlap, just as subjects are linked. They learn that knowledge is a whole and become more open-minded and adventurous in their approach to learning.


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