"What Is FASNY to You?"

From our Students:

The French American School's strength is in its small classes, and extraordinarily passionate and helpful teachers and administrators. - FASNY Student

Students at FASNY are driven and hard-working which created a great academic environment. I feel that FASNY was truly an amazing school to be part of. - FASNY Student

From our Families:

FASNY is a great bilingual school with strong academics and a diverse culture! My kids are very happy to go to school and they love their teachers. As a parent, I can’t thank FASNY enough for providing my 3 children with great academics and cultural support, and for arming them with best practices to be good global citizens. - FASNY Parent

Being an international family we love this school. The community is amazing. - FASNY Parent

This school is amazing : my kids have been attending FASNY for 3 years and we are really thrilled by their progress and how this community helps them grow into tomorrow's future. - FASNY Parent

From our Alumni:

Being an alumni that attended FASNY from first to twelfth grade, I've experienced first hand how the teachers and academic philosophy has created well-rounded students. The academics are rigorous, with a helpful team of teachers, administrators, and counselors. I am proud to have attended FASNY, and feel that my experience there has immensely contributed to my ongoing development as a young working woman. - FASNY Alum

FASNY is a small, tight-nit community with very high quality academics. The dual French-American model is demanding, unique, and rewarding: both school systems have different pedagogical approaches that complement each other very well. Years and years later, some of my best friends are people that I met here, and I've learned just how fortunate I am to be fluent in two languages and cultures. - FASNY Alum

Oscar d'Angeac and Sacha Zabotin, both members of the class of 2012, traveled abroad and asked "What is FASNY to you?" to other alumni. Listen to what they said about their time at the school and the lasting effects of a FASNY education.