Board of Trustees

The FASNY Board of Trustees is currently composed of 17 individuals who serve on a volunteer basis. Each individual has been selected by the Board so that he or she may contribute their personal skills, professional knowledge, or otherwise acquired expertise to the Board.  Most Trustees are parents of the school but the Board also welcomes non-parents whose background and skills enrich the Board’s strategic planning and perspective including alumni and educators from other institutions. 

The Board’s role is to determine the school’s Mission, Vision, and Strategy and to ensure the long-term stability and financial health of the school. In doing so, the Board works collaboratively with the Head of School who manages the school’s daily operations. The Board is bound by pre-established By-Laws and follows the best practices and rules established by the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS)/National Association of Independent Schools and the Board of Regents of the NY State Education Department. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: BOT@FASNY.Org

Président du Conseil d'Administration
Tarek Fadel

Vice Chair
Vice Présidente du Conseil d'Administration
Dorothée Ashby


Michael Clark

Deborah Bradley Galliot


Bruno Bolzan

Andrea Colombel*

Delphine Descamps

Nicole Didda

Christine Durland

Maxime Fischer-Zernin

Zion Hilelly

Jean-Marc Juhel

Marc Kramer

Gregory Krywosa

Ali-Milan Nekmouche

Jean-Charles Morisseau

Abiola Sadiq

Anke Nuyttens-Santens

*Honorary trustee (non-voting member)

Trustee Nominations
Trustees contribute their skills, time, and resources to the school on a volunteer basis. The Governance and Nominating committee analyzes the immediate and long-term needs of the board and the school, including committee membership, future leadership, and the goal of maintaining diversity of backgrounds and expertise. The committee seeks the advice of members of the administration and of the FASNY PTA board to identify potential candidates. Each trustee is elected for a three-year term, renewable twice.