Board of Trustees

At the French-American School of New York, decision-making authority at the highest level resides in a volunteer Board of Trustees, whose diverse membership includes current parents, alumni parents, and outside authorities on school management.

The functions of the Board focus on three areas critical to the success of the School:

  • It establishes and upholds the mission of the School and defines the long-term vision for the School and the strategy that enables the School to deliver on its vision;
  • It selects, evaluates, and supports the Head of School, to whom it delegates authority to manage the School; it develops broad institutional policies that guide the head in running the School; and
  • It is accountable for the financial well-being of the School.

Présidente du Conseil d'Administration

Emmanuèle Vinciguerra

Vice Chair
Vice Président du Conseil d'Administration

Tarek Fadel

Ellen Pace


Elizabeth Durand


Dorothée Ashby

Bruno Bolzan

Véronique Carpentier

Michael Clark

Andrea Colombel

Delphine Descamps

Maureen Fonseca

Deborah Bradley Galliot

Marc Kramer

Gregory Krywosa

Ali Milan-Nekmouche

Anke Nuyttens-Santens

Antoine Remy