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Elèves parlant d'autres langues

In our community rich of 55 different nationalities, 11% of our students speak neither French nor English at home.

FASNY offers one entry point for students who speak neither French nor English: Pre-school.

In Pre School, children acquire both languages at the same time.

In Elementary School, the program emphasizes French at the beginning, then becomes fully bilingual by 2nd grade.

In English, students are grouped by language level, moving from ESL (English as a Second Language) to Intermediate and finally to Regular as their language skills develop.

In French, we implement

  • Push-in: a second teacher comes into the classroom during certain French Language Arts classes
  • Pull-out: small groups of students work separately with a teacher on specific skills during certain French Language Arts classes

From 6th to 8th grade, the program is bilingual with as many courses taught in French as in English. Linguistic support continues through the extra-help system for French, and through the three-tiered English level for English.

In 9th and 10th grades, students can choose to:

  • stay in the French-American track where the mandatory curriculum contains more French classes, with many electives being offered in English.
  • opt for the international track which offers an exceptional curriculum taught entirely in English with French Literature offered to native French speakers.

In 11th grade, students will choose between:

  • the International Baccalaureate track, taught either entirely in English, or bilingually if the student is qualified to take both English and French as a language A
  • the French Baccalaureate track taught in French with or without OIB (the International (American) Option of the French Bac). In the OIB option, English and Social Studies are taught for 5 and 4 hours weekly at a native level, and the classes are the equivalent of an AP or Honors.


hroughout their years at FASNY, students have many opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities offered either in French or English.

A FASNY education ...

A FASNY education is a great preparation for the best universities in the US, Canada, Great Britain, France and the rest of Europe

Our SAT scores are well above the average of independent schools:


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  • 100% of our students pass the Bac
  • on average over 90% pass with honors,
  • 100% have attended one of these prestigious College or Universities in the US, Canada, Great Britain, the UK, France and elsewhere in Europe