FASNY organizes educational trips and linguistic exchange programs in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

  • Grade-wide overnight trips in the 5th through 10th grades enhance the curriculum and foster class spirit.
  • Linguistic exchanges deepen students' knowledge of the foreign language they are studying.

In addition, numerous day trips take advantage of the rich cultural and nature/outdoor offerings of the New York metropolitan area.


Examples of recurring trips:

Grade 5: Sturbridge Village and Lowell, Massachusetts

Grade 6: Camp Mason

Camp Mason 2018

The goal of this trip is to promote a positive spirit among students. Through team-building and cooperative learning activities, students learn how cooperation facilitates life in society through solidarity, mutual respect, responsibility, and discipline. Students learn more about themselves and others through group efforts.

The activities are divided into two categories:

Everyday-living skills
Students take turns taking responsibility for an activity that will enable the group to function well. Meals are prepared by the camp’s kitchen staff, but students are responsible for setting tables, serving drinks, and cleaning the eating area. It is also the students’ responsibility to clean up in and around their cabins. The times of the organized activities are very precise, and all students must follow the rhythm of the group.

Nature activities

  • Ecology, an extension of the 6th-grade biology curriculum
  • Outdoor survival skills
  • Using one's five senses
  • Activities fostering cooperation
  • Tower-climbing
  • Archery
  • Apple cider-making

Grade 7: Nature's Classroom, Lake George

Lake George Nature Class

Seventh graders attend the Nature’s Classroom residential education program on the shores of Lake George, in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

Designed to supplement and enhance the FASNY science curriculum, Nature’s Classroom stimulates students to learn more about nature and science through exploration and by taking part in exciting activities. In addition, it seeks to instill in them an understanding of and appreciation for the values of teamwork, cooperation, and community awareness.

Here are comments by students regarding their experience at Nature’s Classroom.


“I learned that, when you live and work with people, you have to cooperate and listen."

“I learned that you succeed better if you work together.”

“All the classes were interesting and fun!”

“This week was great!”

Grade 8: Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg Historical Village

Grade 9: Shakespeare in London

Grade 10: Washington, D.C.

Washington DC

Grade 12: Baccalaureate Revision Ski Trip

Utah Bac Revision Trip

Language Exchange in Germany

FASNY Students in Germany

Our exchange program is with the Johannes-Butzbach-Gymnasium in Miltenberg. Each year FASNY students studying German are given the opportunity to participate. In turn, they host students from Miltenberg in New York.

Trimester-Long Language Exchange in Alicante, Spain

"The ability to immerse myself fully in a family, school, and city with a different culture and way of life was invaluable to my personal growth and interest in other regions of the world."
-- Adam Hilelly '17

Ski Trips

group of students on ski trip

Trip News

Ski and Study
Over spring break, members of the FASNY class of 2018 and their teachers headed to Utah for a week of intensive preparation for the French baccalaureate and IB diploma examinations.
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