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Clubs and Language Classes


As a working parent, it was critical for me that the school offers not only a strong educational curriculum but all these enrichment activities on site so I don't have to scramble to find activities to keep my children busy after school.

A FASNY parent.

Lower school Clubs

The clubs expand the bilingual experience outside of the classroom, giving students more opportunities to use the target language doing something they really enjoy. That emotional dimension to language acquisition is sometimes key to getting them on board and helping them see the relevance of the educational project that we, parents, have for them. Yes, model making in French or the cool science club in English can make a difference!


FASNY offers students a variety of activities that broaden their experiences and give them an opportunity to relax and have fun. Students have the possibility to combine supervised study hall or childcare with a club between 3:20 and 5:20 p.m.every day. Students recommended for tutoring or homework help can also join a club at 4:20 p.m.


Click here to see the clubs schedule for Grade 1,2,3

Contact for Grade 1,2,3 Garderie, Homework Help and Clubs:

Souad El Hamdaoui 


Click here to see the clubs schedule for Grade 4,5.

Contact for Grade 4,5 Garderie, Homework Help and Clubs:

Nicole Rodriguez


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Upper School Clubs

Clubs at the Upper School aim to develop leadership in students while providing them with a wide array of enrichment opportunities in French or English.

All clubs are held at the Mamaroneck campus after regularly scheduled classes or during lunch hours. Except for the Ski Club, these clubs are covered in tuition fees: there is no additional cost to participate.

A club fair is organised in September of each year. Students have the opportunity to discover the clubs offered and/or to present their own club idea to their peers.

Most popular clubs include:

Model UN, Literary Magazine, Student Newspaper (The Messenger), Yearbook Production, Rock Band, A Capella, Musical Comedy, Theater in French, Theater in English, Finance, Coding, Diversity, Film.

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Pre-School Clubs

Preschoolers at FASNY have the opportunity to try many different enrichment activities on site in a familiar environment: Cooking in French, Science, Soccer or Gymnastics, Lego Robotics. You can combine any of those activities with childcare, offered every day until 6:15 pm.


N,PK,K clubs schedule

Contact for N-K Garderie and Clubs:

Patricia Moliterno


Language Classes

Classes range from beginner to advanced level for adults and children of all ages and will be taught by several of FASNY’s highly qualified teachers. Classes will offer a better understanding of the language and grammar but also the culture.

We offer French classes for Beginners and Bilingual children and Arabic classes for all levels.

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Click here to see the Adult Classes schedule.

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