FASNY's Elementary School

The best of two worlds

Academically, our students develop:

  • Their creativity thanks to the American method,
  • Their analytical skills and rigorous reasoning through the French curriculum

Our teachers are trained to teach either the American or the French curricula. The teaching method follows the language of instruction.

1st grade is a pivot year with generally more French than English. From 2nd to 5th grade, students have almost as many classes taught in English (such as English, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art) as in French (Français, Histoire-Géographie, Maths), as well as some classes taught bilingually (Sciences, part of the Math program, Music).

We offer three levels of English, with most of our students taking English at a native speaker level, as well as differentiated support in French.

Beyond the classroom:

Afterschool activities are offered until 6:15 pm (5:15 pm on Wednesdays)

We take full advantage of the environmental and cultural offerings of the tri-state area

"The French-American School of New York Lower School includes Grades 1 through 5. It is a very special place in which to learn and grow. Here, children from all over the world come together not only to experience the benefits of two different educational methods and philosophies, but also to join a community in which tolerance, understanding, and respect for differences can be developed.

It is a unique and dynamic community, nurturing yet rigorous, where our children discover their own strengths and talents. They also begin a journey towards becoming truly global citizens whose view of the world has been broadened and enriched both intellectually and culturally by their experience at FASNY. We hope that you and your family will join us on this journey."

Charles Grenon
Head of Lower School