International Program in Grades 9 & 10

Starting in September 2018, a new curriculum taught entirely in English will be offered to students as an alternative to the French-American program. This curriculum will be ideal for students wishing to continue in the IB Diploma track, described here.

The program offers American and international students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically while experiencing a truly international community. Teachers and students at FASNY hail from many different countries and cultures, and the school holds this diversity as one of its main strengths.

Besides delivering a first-class education and sending its graduates to top colleges and universities worldwide, FASNY takes pride in raising global citizens who have first-hand experience of life in different parts of the world. With students arriving each year from all continents--in particular, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America--and teachers who, for the most part, have lived and taught abroad for many years, FASNY offers the world in one place.


Discover our rich co-curricular program:

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