For French Speakers

Francophone students who do not speak English may integrate FASNY at any grade. They will join an ESL (English as a Second Language) level class, then move onto an intermediate level class before finally joining native speaker classes when they attain fluency in English.

The time and pattern to become fluent is dependent on each child’s age and learning profile.

Classes taught in English or bilingually include Social Studies, Science, Music, Art and Physical Education. Depending on the grade, these classes may be offered at the three different English levels.

Throughout their years at FASNY, students may engage in many co-curricular activities in English, giving them the opportunity to perfect their language skills.

In 11th Grade, and according to their fluency in English, students will prepare either:

  • The French Baccalaureate offered in the Scientific (S) track or Social Sciences and Economics track (ES)
  • The French Baccalaureate, S or ES, with the OIB- the international option of the French Baccalaureate--in which English and Social Studies are comparable to an AP or Honors course and are taught in English at a native level
  • The International Baccalaureate taught in English, with the option to prepare a bilingual IB if qualified to take both English and French as language A

For 60% of our students, French is the only language spoken at home.

A FASNY education:

Carries over to any accredited French school: if or when the family moves back to France or to another country, the student’s placement in a grade level will be honored by schools accredited by the French National Ministry of Education (The AEFE network is the widest educational network in the world, and is an excellent choice for families who move often)

While giving the child an American School experience: interscholastic sports, American traditions, acquisition of the English language and American thought system in addition to the French education.

A FASNY education is also a great preparation for the best universities in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe, as well as for France’s best Universities, Ecoles d’ Enseignement Supérieur à préparation intégrée and Classes préparatoires.