"When FASNY met Marc LEVY" at a Westchester Accueil conference

"When FASNY met Marc LEVY" at a Westchester Accueil conference
"When FASNY met Marc LEVY" at a Westchester Accueil conference

On Wednesday, January 27th, at the request of Lucie Tavernier-Nicolosi, President of Westchester Accueil and FASNY parent, some FASNY members participated in a virtual meeting with the French author who sold 50 million books, Marc Levy.

Marc Levy kindly and naturally agreed to participate in the interview. Julia Rouzou, an 11th grade student and FASNY High School Student President, as well as Bao Ha-Minh and Florence Miton, two French teachers in middle and high school, had the opportunity to ask the author questions. The objective was to discuss his latest book C'est arrivé la nuit, a suspenseful novel set in a digital world. On behalf of FASNY, they discussed with him his career, the reasons why he lives in New York (a real "youth dream", according to him), his experience of writing "not easy" during the lockdown in the spring, his new book, and the next one, scheduled for March and for which he was correcting the final prints. It was a question (among other things) of style, of romantic construction, of the rhythm of writing, of coffees taken in chains to hold the night, of re-readings full of doubts, of his demand for emotion, of the question of the writer's commitment. We learned that writing for Marc Levy is like bringing a statue out of a block of stone.  The artist knows that it is there, but he cannot predict its features and its forms at the very beginning of work. In other words, some very interesting literary exchanges for the audience who attended the interview on registration.

Above all, the exciting news is that Marc Levy was so enthusiastic about our proposition to lead a writing session with FASNY students in the spring! "Finally, as soon as the virus is behind us! Nothing is more joyful than transmitting the pleasure of writing to children," he told us! We agree with him on that! See you then, Mr. Levy!

Of this evening where they were able to talk with a world-renowned author, it appears that...

Julia Rouzou '22 (FASNY student): "I met a humble man who was ready to answer any questions. He was patient and attentive, a beautiful meeting! “

Bao Ha Minh (FASNY French teacher): "I appreciated that Marc Levy opened up to us with authenticity. There was that special moment when he mentioned his father to us, I don't think he does that very often. I could be wrong of course... "

Florence Miton (FASNY French teacher): " I was moved to hear that Marc Levy re-reads Romain Gary every time he wonders "But why do I write?  What's the point of all this?" He added that if he could move even one reader, as he can be moved by Romain Gary, it would all make sense... It means something to me..."