Hoops Highlights

Hoops Highlights
Hoops Highlights

It was an active basketball season, with a record number of home games for all of FASNY’s teams, which meant less travel for our young players and more time on the court.

The middle school teams improved their overall scores, losing some games by just two or four points. Worth noting is the fact that all of the teams had a significant number of new players, who will certainly benefit next winter from their experience.

Our high school teams played in some very close games, always enjoying great support from the spectators—including students, parents, and staff. The girls JV team racked up more victories than defeats, which bodes well for next year’s varsity team.

Finally, the Saturday basketball clinic that was launched for middle-schoolers this season proved a positive experience for participants, and we will be offering clinics next year for all teams.

A huge “thank you” to the players, parents, and supporters for their enthusiasm and dedication. We could not do it without all of you. Go, FASNY!

Final Results*

Middle School, Boys “A”: 3W, 6L

Middle School, Boys “B”: 2W, 6L

Middle School, Boys “C”: 9L

Middle School, Girls “A”: 3W, 4L

Middle School, Girls “B”: 3W, 7L

Junior Varsity, Girls: 7W, 5L

Junior Varsity, Boys: 4W, 7L

Varsity, Girls: 6W, 10L

Varsity, Boys: 1W, 15L

*W = Win; L = Loss