Midnight Run for the Homeless
Midnight Run for the Homeless

On the evening of March 24, in what has become an annual tradition, student volunteers in grades 10 through 12—along with several parents—distributed food, clothing, blankets, and personal-care items to homeless individuals in New York City.

FASNY first participated in one of these "runs" in 2009 and has done so every year since. Sponsored by Midnight Run, a volunteer organization dedicated to finding common ground between the housed and the homeless, the late-night relief efforts create a forum of trust and understanding for those involved—the primary aim being human exchange, rather than the exchange of goods.

A lot of preparation was involved leading up to the March 24 run, including organizing weekly bake sales (proceeds went toward the purchase of food, toiletries, and items such as underwear and socks), sorting clothes, making sandwiches, preparing toiletry bags, and loading vehicles with the items to be distributed. Students in grades 6 through 9 assisted the older ones with the preparations.

"FASNY students who go on the runs come back changed and have wonderful things to share about their first-hand interaction with people who live on the streets," said middle and high school counselor and community service coordinator Anita Giordano. "This is a project very dear to our school."

Making sandwiches (left) and personalizing sandwich bags