Sparking Creativity

Sparking Creativity
Sparking Creativity

Joy and excitement were palpable in Madame Pépin's third-grade classroom when FASNY fourth grader—and young author—Abby-Gaëlle Roux came to share the two novels she has written as well as the ideas that inspired them. Here's what the third graders gleaned from Abby's visit:

« J'ai appris que ça mettait beaucoup de temps pour écrire un roman. » —Romy

« J'ai appris que tu pouvais faire un roman à n'importe quel âge. » —Charlotte

« J'ai appris que c'était mieux de choisir le titre après avoir écrit le roman. » —William

"Follow your dreams." —Abdoulaye

"I learned that I can write on a computer, not by hand." —Liv

"I learned that I can draw the illustrations on the computer." —Sebastian

« Je pense que je serais capable d'écrire un roman. » —Annika

"If you find one idea, more will come to you." —Anya

"It is not good to sit in a chair all day thinking about ideas. It is better to go to places that will give you an idea." —Victoria