For English Speakers

English-only speaking families:

Give your child an edge

29% of our students speak only English at home,

100% Baccalaureate success rate, with on average 85% passing with Honors

100% College Acceptance rate, with 75% choosing to attend the most prestigious among the US, British and Canadian Universities.

Two entry points for non-French speakers:

  • In Pre School (3 to 6 years old)
  • In 11th Grade, in our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Instruction in French

In Preschool, no French is needed. We offer a French immersion program with linguistic support tailored to the needs of each child

In Elementary School, to develop French linguistic skills we implement:

  • Push-in: a second teacher comes into the classroom during certain French Language Arts classes
  • Pull-out: small groups of students work separately with a teacher on specific skills during certain French Language Arts classes

By the Secondary School, students have acquired a mastery of the French Language. They may receive extra help in French at every grade level

Instruction in English

From 1st grade through 10th grade, classes taught in English may include: English, Social Studies, some Math, Sciences, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In most of those classes, students are grouped according to their fluency in English. Anglophone students are placed in groups in which the level of instruction compares favorably to the Honors programs of the best independent schools of the area.

In 11th grade, students who are fluent in English may elect to continue either in

  • the International Baccalaureate track taught in English, with the option to prepare a bilingual IB if they qualify to take both English and French as a language A
  • the French Baccalaureate track taught mainly in French, with the OIB (the International (American) Option of the French Bac), in which English and Social Studies are taught in English at the AP or Honors levels.

The value of a FASNY education:

The families who chose a FASNY education for their child understand and experience:

The value of an international education

The advantages of bilingualism